www.Hotmail.com is one of the foremost and leading, a service provider in the world. World’s most known company, Microsoft operates it.

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Hotmail is one of the popular and the most widely used internet email service launched in 1996 which can be accessed using the Microsoft outlook account. This account is the most widely used platform to send and receive emails in the world. With the increase in the technologies and trends, large and small organizations have adapted to use this service as the integral part of the email exchanges. Microsoft has undergone diversified changes in recent days to improve the usability. When someone refers to outlook, one means to say that is a desktop or an email-based client which is used widely to enter the communication word of mail exchanges.

  • The New Path:

Hotmail offered some unique and independent features which made it a stock of eye. Creators of Hotmail differentiated it from one of the most running ISP of that time – AOL. The version was also known as Hotmail. The newer technologies are getting this further to the new set of services and products designed to impress the end user and improve the experience on the windows platforms.

At the time of implementation of Hotmail, as it also significantly became the most trusted email exchange service, the technology increment interested people to choose the secured version of the same and leaving the rest.outlook debuted way back on msdos platform and didn’t get attention to the user until it was packaged with the new features and secure email transaction as in Hotmail.with every release on the Microsoft additional packages, both web and desktop clients of outlook gained their importance by linking them to third parties, securing networks, securing data and avoiding the data breach, phishing, validating incoming and outgoing emails and list goes on ending.

  • Introduction:

Coming to the introduction, Hotmail was one of the oldest email exchange service launched in 1996, which provided free service of incoming and outgoing emails. This has led to the translation of the new technology as well as a bigger change in the people life. With a simple internet connection and a computer, people were readily into communication which in turn helped in making peer to peer communication model.

People from any part of the world can send a message or a business communication on a single tap and instantly. The change in the mode of communication not only helped bigger firms into business but also helped a simple man life to communicate with anyone in any part of the world. in today’s world, Hotmail, also known as Outlook, as Microsoft acquired the complete email service and transitioned into a new look.

This change not only resulted in the most widely used mail exchange service for companies and other areas of communication, other third-party firms also utilized its service to provide the end to end model of communication model between the channels. The limitations do not only extend to writing a simple email but also to send the copies of docs, photos, music and other files and exchange between peer to peer in just seconds of the time. Hotmail, now popularly known as Outlook also provides its interactions with all third-party channels like Skype, Xbox, and other communication services.