Hotmail sign up: How to create a hotmail email account?

By | October 25, 2019

Hotmail sign up: How to create a hotmail email account?. Hotmail accounts are similar to Gmail accounts. If you want to use Gmail, you have to sign up for Gmail and is not an exception, creating a Hotmail account allows you to send and receive emails from your coworkers and friends.

There are just some simple register steps to create a Hotmail account. Currently, the Microsoft Corporation still provide users with two free email services, which are and We continue to introduce you on how to create a hotmail account.

First of all, Email service has become a personal, educational, professional need and it is even necessary for business purposes. In one way, effective, direct and very cheap communication makes many things easier. will provide you with the tools that are most adapted to your needs in the easiest way possible. Keep reading to acknowledge all you need to create a account and make the most of it.


Traditional Mail vs. Email

Traditional mail has long facilitated communication at a distance. This is characterized by a more humane nature, but there are many limitations according to today’s requirement. By the number of elements that are necessary for the effectiveness of the communicative process, they make it impractical. The need for vehicles makes traditional mail something slow and expensive.

E-mail makes it easy!

The postal service has been transformed over time in impressive ways. E-mail almost completely supplanted fax, telegram and even traditional mail. This service is based on e-mails with wide coverage via the Internet. is a leading company in providing this easy-to-use tool.

E-mail is definitely the most used tool on the Internet. Undoubtedly one of the most significant inventions of all time. Email allows you to send messages in a standardized format across platforms. Thanks to this, any user from any electronic device connected to the Internet can ensure message compatibility.

Welcome to the world of free email

It was not always so easy. But, now it seems so easy to check your email from any computer or mobile phone. From anywhere in the world you can be in touch with your loved ones with ease.

There has been a lot of conversion and improvement that has suffered since birth. This platform has struggled with growing competition to take its place in the market. They are 23 years of evolution to become today one of the largest suppliers of useful tools for digital consumers.

A walk through the history of

On July 4, 1996, US Independence Day, launch into commercial operation. This day is chosen as a symbolism to give Freedom of mail to the provider. Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, They decide to include the letters HTML as well because they are the language programmers behind this project.

In the first versions, the storage limit was 2MB. After just a year, reached 8.50 millions of subscribers. Around 1997, became part of Microsoft Msn products worth 400 million dollars for the company. The following year, the website’s popularity was so much that it reached more than 30 million active subscribers chatting with Msn

The Competition

Google announced in 2004 that it will expand its own email that will continue by name Gmail. It offered more storage space, interface resilience and speed. It quickly positions itself against its competitors and in order to be a partial contribution to the maintenance of Microsoft. MSN ( did not waste time on updating its products with the introduction of advanced features, increased security and speed on your platform. These innovations forced him to take his place in the market with regular subscribers.

Rethinking has become necessary

Sometime later, Microsoft decided that would be part of applications. In 2006, they reinvented themselves, trying to be faster, easier and safer. At the end of this year, a beta version of millions of users was added to your lists.

Microsoft developers decided to change the name to “Windows Live” from Hot Mail was maintained in such a way as not to mislead users and facilitate their adaptation to the new image of e-mail.

They offered some super attractive updates for users. Active browsing, 10GB attachment space, automatic mailbox cleanup, among other features, updated Windows Live SkyDrive and Windows Live Office integrate into this evolution.

In 2013, they transferred all accounts to servers without notifying the user. This interface is more intuitive, with a new name and better appearance. Today it remains the leading platform in email with over 500 million users. Every day, more and more Internet users dare to create accounts to facilitate your work, personal and student communication.

What does offer? Characteristics and functions

There are many attractive features that the user can avail from Thanks to a modern and neat interface, it is very simple to understand. The Taskbar makes your stay in your inbox more productively. Without leaving the main page, you can manage contacts, instant messages, and calendar.

Now we will describe some of the characters and functions that this useful email platform brings to you.

  • Social Network: You can sync mail with any social network. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others allow you to chat in your inbox.
  • Storage lockers: when you create a account you have unlimited space for all the emails you want.
  • Bing: This online search engine provides you with the detailed information you request. Its use is very simple and the search is specialized.
  • Xbox: Use your account to shop online, save your XboxOne, Xbox360 and Xbox games data.
  • Skype: You can make video calls, webinars, instant messages via Skype using e-mail ID.
  • Microsoft Office: From your account, you can view any Word, Excel, PowerPoint document and log in online. You can create or modify files from your account.
  • One drive: You can save any file in the format you need in the cloud and check it on any computer.
  • Contact Management: You can import contacts from any other platform. Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even your cell phones can be included in your calendar.
  • Calendar: Manage your appointments, tasks, reminders and important dates in the calendar provided by the platform.
  • Customization: Place themes to your liking, classify them in folders and subfolders, classify, filter and organize as you see fit.
  • Limited Advertising: Only advertising will be displayed in a small space on the right side of the mailbox., newly named “Outlook” is a pioneer in emails. What makes this an example and standard for other firms? They provide the same free email service. This is a community of users who make technical support much more tolerant. There are many tutorials and articles created specifically to solve problems that may arise on the platform.

Some Disadvantages…

In fact, it is a very useful tool for work, school, and personal life. But there are some disadvantages that you need to be sure when creating a account. From our own experience, we can mention the following:

Restrictions on attachments: 20MB is the maximum limit of the files you can attach to send or receive in your mail.

Small free storage: If you purchase an Office 365 package, you will have 1 TB file storage on Onedrive. Otherwise, there will be only 10 GB of storage available in the cloud.

Post-filtering is very simple: There is no way to classify the mail that you receive in the Inbox folder. Still,  Do not worry about Facebook notifications getting mixed with your work emails.

There are no beta applications: If you like simplicity and stability, is your thing. Innovations are a thing of the past for this platform. It seems that there is no team of programmers involved in creating new functions for users.

How to create your account in 4 steps: 

Today, Making online accounts are so simple. In only 4 minutes, you can register a new email account. The form is completely free. You will get all the benefits of this platform. We’ll guide you step by step to create a free account.

  1. Have a Microsoft account

First of all, you must enter the Microsoft login page, Click where it says Create a free account.

A new window will open. Find the link that mentions Get a new email address, and click on that link. On the next page, select your username and domain. Do not be confused by the options that will appear.,, are the same.

Username is important

The initial part of your email is what identifies you. This name must be unique and without spaces and special characters like (#, @, & $ …). You can use letters and numbers, even interspersed. We will suggest you choose a name in accordance with the function that you give to your mail.

Make sure that the name is available for you and click on “Next”. If the email has already been selected by another user, will offer you options similar to the one you choose.

  1. Set password

Protect the security of your information to the maximum. Use a password that at least contains 8 characters. Mix uppercase letters with lowercase letters, special characters, and numbers. The harder it is, the harder it is to compromise the security of your email.

It is extremely important that you remember this password, you can indicate this in some secret and very secure place to guarantee your access to the e-mail account. Use words or codes that have some important symbolism in your life, it will be difficult to forget.

  1. Enter your personal information

Only you can fill up this information. It is quick and easy to place the user’s first and last name. Do it truthfully because this data will be useful at a professional level and will bring seriousness and confidence in your account. Once finished, click “Next”.

Now, you must enter the country in which you live and your date of birth to open the account. The minimum standard age is 13 years old. However, gives you the opportunity to check and approve the accounts of parents or guardians for children at that age.

  1. Verify that you are not a robot

We know that you are not a robot, but the system should verify this through the resolution of a captcha. Write the same letters and numbers on the image or click “Sound” so that you can listen and write. There might be uppercase and lowercase letters. Once solved, click on “Next” to move forward.

Done! You successfully created the account.

Set up your account

When you first log into your account, you need to select a theme that will be visible at the top of the window. If you check in the configuration menu, you can get a dark mode among other options. Choose a way to display your messages and filter what you do not need in the line above the inbox.

In the lower-left corner, you can write notes, manage contacts, schedule meetings, check calendars amongst others features.

Enter your email address on any device!

Remember that you can open your Microsoft Office Outlook account on different devices. Mobile communications and computers facilitate access to this service. is available for any operating system as long as you have an optimal internet connection.

You can download the official Microsoft app for Android on the Google Play Store, you have to configure it manually.

If you have an iPhone, You can download the Microsoft app for free from the iOS store. After downloading, you need to go to the iOS settings and search for the “Mail, Contacts and Calendars Sync “option.

In case you have a Windows Phone, set up an account by following the steps described in the “Mail and Accounts” section. Windows 10 Mobile provides good features for this mail. for your company

One of the first things you need to do when starting a business is to create a corporate email account. can help to facilitate domains to specialized digital message service for your company. Like your personal email, it will take almost the same time to create this account and there are a lot of advantages.

Web storage, file organization, virtual meetings, large shared hosting are just some of the advantages offered by in the corporate version. This service has its value for the company, but it is an investment that will give your company more professionalism.

Why a corporate email address?

Your corporate image will gain strength: Wheather you are a small private firm or a major international corporation, It does not matter. Taking care of your image is very important, and having your own corporate account will give confidence to your customers.

Separate your personal email from a professional: You will have more organization in your files. Information and contacts will be kept secret and you can find it in a simple way according to the needs of your company.

Clients will identify your email at any time: This way, they will remember you comfortably. We are committed to ensuring that the client will have more opportunities to contact you as soon as possible.

Protect the brand: Take your place in digital marketing and do not allow anyone to impersonate your company. Geolocation of accounts that are associated with your business domain will make sure of that.

Advantages of Business:

  • It adapts to professional needs.
  • Email Priority.
  • You can chat with social networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Intelligent Input Tray
  • Useful applications for business.
  • Personalization and full extensibility.
  • Calendar of meetings and commitments.
  • Automatic capture of events.
  • Offers for seats, flights, and reservations according to your needs.
  • The simple platform, easy to use tools.
  • Enough storage space in the cloud via Skydrive.
  • Geolocalize your domain accounts.
  • You can backup all information in your account.
  • Technical library available to solve problems.

How to create email for a company?

It is easier than you think. In this case, if you need to make a small investment, but you will see results in the security that you provide to your employees and customers. Perform the following steps to the letter, and you will see how to quickly create a account for your company.

  1. Get a domain on the Internet

You need a domain to manage your DNS records. There is a lot of market on the Internet to purchase one of them. You can conclude a contract for months and even years for an amount not exceeding $10.

  1. Link your domain with

Start with your personal account. This will be the mail intended to administer the domain. Do a search in the Windows Live Administration Center, and there you will associate the new domain with the platform.

  1. Change DNS

Find the domain control panel that your provider has offered to you, and change some DNS records so that you can reach to monitor the company’s email from directly.

  1. Create email accounts

How many accounts do you need for your employees? Well, it’s time to create and assign them. This will make the personnel of the company feel more attached to the company.

  1. Customize tools

Skydrive, calendar, maps, photos and endless tools can be transferred to users of your domain. If you rely on these functions, your company will be much more productive and more efficient for processes. All employees should be familiar with these features.

Follow these simple steps in the order indicated and just relax and see how the image of your brand is multiplied tenfold.

Doing an analysis of all the benefits and numerous features that provides, There is no reason to assume that this is a bad option. Undoubtedly, this postal service offers a powerful tool for business, personal life, and educational training. After reading this article in about, we’re sure that you will leave it right now to Create your account.